ilbot - an IRC Log Bot

On #perl6 we had the need for a irc log that could easily be accessed with a web interface. So I wrote one.

It consists of an IRC bot based on Bot::Basicbot that logs into a (mysql) database, and a web frontend that displays the data nicely.



If you want to write something in a channel that is logged by ilbot, and don't want that line to be logged, prepend it with the string [off].

An @ sign proceeded and followed by letters and numbers are turned into a small image showing an @ sign to prevent email adresses from beeing maschine readable.


Just take a look at the #perl6 irc log to get an idea how the generated logs look like.


By Eric Kow:

As a Darcs Team member, I'm really happy with the logging that Moritz has provided for us. Being able to link back to discussions at a specific time and having them be so easy to read or browse through later on is great. It's not just that it looks nice, but that it over all works very well.


In order to run ilbot and the associated CGI scripts, you need a web server

It's preferable to run on a separate virtual hosts (the rewrite rules and templates aren't tested for a different case; that said they should work).

Ilbot has only been tested on Linux so far, though it should be fairly portable to most UNIXish systems, and maybe even Windows.


The source code lives on github.

git clone git://

In general I try to keep the master branch clean, and develop new features in a branch, so that it's safe to install from the master (default) branch.


Download the latest sources from github, and then run the installer:

$ git clone git://
$ cd ilbot
$ ./install

Now answer all the questions according to your environment and preferences.

Known installations of ilbot

If you find ilbot useful, please consider donating via the paypal link:

Get Help

You can get help on the #ilbot IRC channel on As you can imagine, it is logged with ilbot.

Trivia uses parts of ilbot's CSS for the log pages.

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