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I have studied physics at the university W├╝rzburg, now I'm a PHD student at the Max-Planck-Institut for the Physics of Light in Erlangen.

In my spare time I write programs (mostly in Perl), love to read books, play table tennis and use Linux, mostly Debian.


Email and other electronic communication can easily be wiretapped. Therefore I encrypt my emails whenever possible, and use HTTP/POP3/IMAP over SSL or TLS if possible.

I encrypt and sign my mails with GnuPG, the GNU Privacy Guard. My Key id is 1024D/9048D322, its fingerprint is 700A E208 9730 F483 825F 30FB 0009 1E90 9048 D322.

You can Download my public key here, or just download it from any public key server

Dependency graph of the keys in my PGP keyring. Each ellipse stands
      for one key, each arrow for a signature. You can see about 200 keys.
      Most of them form a very dense network. Here you can see who signed my key and vice versa.

During May 2006 I participated in a key signing party at LinuxTag in Wiesbaden, Germany. Since then this chart looks rather complex. Maybe someday I'll find a more concise way to present this data.

You can get a larger Version of this chart by clicking on it, but beware: it's big, it may eat up a good chunk of your PC's memory...

If you have a PGP or GPG key, you can easily find a trust path to me:

Your Key-ID:

You can view statistics about my key here.


If you happen to want me happy, there a few books I'd like to have (Disclaimer: some of these links are referral links, aka ad links).

If you want to sent a book to me, please use this address.